WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Kira came to visit our studio from the Wichita Falls Animal Shelter on Hatton Road.

Megan Gardner with Wichita Falls Animal Control said Kira is -year-old dog

Carney Porter: Well, we have this cutie here. She’s getting the feel-lay of the land over here. Her name is Kira, and she is from the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Animal Services. And joining her now is Megan. Thank y’all so much for being here.

Megan Gardner: Hi. You’re welcome.

Carney Porter: So tell us, I can’t even think straight because I just want to, like, snuggle her. Tell me about Kira.

Megan Gardner: Kira is five months old. She’s a mixed breed. She’s one of the adoptable dogs there at the shelter. She’s fantastic. And the great thing about Kira is, since she’s under six months old, once you do pay the adoption fee and do a fence check, you can take her home as long as you prepay for her spay. Isn’t she cute?

Carney Porter: I know. Look at that face. She has a happy face. Sorry, I got to- I can’t get a butt shot. We got to get her face in there.

Megan Gardner: There it is.

Carney Porter: And she plays. She seems to play well with humans. So other animals, I’m assuming, as well. She seems pretty good with.

Megan Gardner: She’s great. I mean, we have her around other dogs at the shelter, and she seems to do good there. But again, shelter environment is hard for dogs. It’s real hard. She- she only has a kennel that she gets to stay in. So if you want to bring your dog to the shelter to meet Kira, you can do that and set up a meet and greet.

Carney Porter: Alright, perfect. And how many dogs do you think you’re housing at the moment that are adoptable?

Megan Gardner: Well, we have 18, and I believe we’re full. That is our adoption wing. It’s 18 long, and we’re almost always full. So please consider adopting. And we say when you adopt one, you save two lives. Not only the life of this sweet little baby that you could adopt, but you’re clearing up a space for another dog to come in, and that dog’s life to be saved in the adoption wing as well.

Carney Porter: Well, she is so sweet. Now, you said if they want to come and meet her, that’s great. And then you said the fees would just be for the pre-spay?

Megan Gardner: Yes. So. Yep. You just add a vet of your choice. So any vet in town and then a $40 adoption fee.

Carney Porter: All right. I think that’s pretty reasonable. That’s more than fair for this sweet face.

Megan Gardner: I know!

Carney Porter: Look at that face. Well, if you would like to adopt Kira or any other sweet baby, just head on over to the Animal Services Department or give them a call and get an appointment made for them. Don’t leave me.

Megan Gardner: I know. She’s so fluffy-fuzzy.

Carney Porter: She is. Well, thank you all so much for being here. You all are always appreciated. Don’t go anywhere, though. We’ll be right back.