WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre will be holding a Sleeping Beauty-themed tea party with special performance including excerpts from The Sleeping Beauty.

The tea party will start at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 22, at The Forum. Tickets are $25 and can be bought here.

Carney Porter: All right, Brian, thanks so much. Well, Abigail from the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre is joining us this morning to invite us to a special event that’s happening tomorrow. Thank you so much for being here today.

Abigail Wignarajah: Thank you for having me. How are you today?

Carney Porter: I’m great, thank you. And I know y’all are gearing up for tomorrow. Y’all have a wonderful, you know, kind of like a tea, sort of tea party – get your pinkies up, enjoying a fun-filled day. Tell us a little bit about it.

Abigail Wignarajah: So we are inviting everybody to what is called the Sleeping Beauty Tea. And it’s tomorrow, April 22nd at 11 a.m. at The Forum, and tickets are $25, and you can find them at the WFBT.org website. And we are really excited about it because it’s going to be such a fun time. We have pastries, we have tea treats, we have hot chocolate and lemonade.

We have a photo opportunity with our very own Aurora. The dancers are going to be dancing a suite. It’s an opportunity if you love fancy, fun, sparkly and flouncy things to just get dressed up and come have a lovely time with us.

Carney Porter: Right? Hey, it sounds like a fun day overall too. And then you mentioned hot chocolate. It’s going to be great with that cold weather we’re having, too.

Abigail Wignarajah: Oh, fantastic.

Carney Porter: It’s gonna be perfect timing. And it’s all, you know, the the tickets and all that good stuff. It’s all going towards a great cause as well. It’s going to the organization. So how will this impact the ballet theater?

Abigail Wignarajah: So every time we do a fundraiser, we are really, really focusing on raising that money for the kids. So the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre is a pre-professional dance company from ages 10 to 18. And honestly, when all you have to do is go to a rehearsal for just a few minutes and you see these kids and you think, oh, they deserve the world. They really deserve these opportunities to be on the stage.

And that’s what the money really goes to, is to propel them, to be able to have these performances and to be able to have these teas, the rehearsal space, the time because they put in so much work and effort. So we really just support them with that.

Carney Porter: Well, we go support it and have a great time tomorrow. We’ll have that info on our website. Thank you so much for being here today. We appreciate it.

Abigail Wignarajah: Thank you for having me.