WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Theatre is presenting Nickelodeon’s “The SpongeBob Musical” on their main stage starting Friday, August 18.

The show will run through Saturday, September 16.

Find more information and tickets here.

Carney Porter: Well, “SpongeBob the Musical” is premiering today over at the Wichita Theatre, and who better to tell us about it than SpongeBob and Patrick themselves. We have Andrew and Calvin here who are starring in the musical. Thank y’all so much for being here this morning.

Andrew Morrow: Absolutely.

Carney Porter: All right. So tell us, we all know SpongeBob. So tell us a little bit about the musical and what y’all are going to be focusing on in that.

Andrew Morrow: It’s definitely the same nostalgic, nostalgic feel. They’re taking everything that you know and love about SpongeBob, everything that you remember, the same one liners, all the rememberable stuff. And they’re taking it and making a new story. So it’s nothing, not a story you’ve ever seen before, but it’s going to be the same nostalgic feel all the way throughout.

Calvin Russell: You get all the emotions that you had watching the TV show growing up just in a different environment. And it’s great to just remind people of, you know, your childhood.

Carney Porter: Absolutely. We’re getting sneak peeks, too, kind of right behind there, seeing it all go down. It’s very- you were telling me earlier, it’s a very intricate process, probably a lot more intricate than Wichita Theatre has ever put on, like any kind of performance.

Andrew Morrow: Oh, yes. The owner of the theater and I were talking last night. I was just like, I’m so impressed. I really am. Just the ability to tackle on a show that’s this big. There’s so many intricate and complex things that take place that make it so magical.

And his tech team is so amazing. They’re working so hard. They- I mean, they’ve been up there super early in the morning and super late in the night, just trying to make sure that all these special, technical things take place and make sure that they happen for every show.

Carney Porter: That’s crazy. Now, what has it been like experiencing it for yourself and like living in it?

Calvin Russell: It’s insane. I’ve been up at the theater from 9 a.m. helping out the creative team with whatever they really need and just seeing all the different parts come together, like props. We have over, say, 125 props in the show is what Sara said last night.

Andrew Morrow: It’s insane.

Calvin Russell: And then just seeing like the lighting come together, the Foley sounds come together, which is something that we’ve never done before on stage, is use like a Foley artist.

Carney Porter: Yeah, that’s going to be a great time. It’s going to be entertaining, that’s for sure. You’re not going to want to miss it. Like we said, it premieres today, and it’s going to run through September 16th. So you have plenty of time to see it, but don’t miss out.

For ticket prices and showtimes, just visit the wichitatheatre.com or call that phone number right there on your screen to the box office. Thank you guys so much for joining us this morning. We really appreciate it.

Andrew Morrow: Thank you.

Calvin Russell: Thank you.

Carney Porter: Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.