WILBARGER COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wilbarger Humane Society brought all the way from Vernon a two-year-old cat named Cinnamon who is up for adoption.

You can find a link for adoptable pets here.

Carney Porter: Wilbarger Humane Society is joining us now, and they’ve brought a cute but curious cat with them. That’s her name is Cinnamon. Thank you all so much for joining us.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: Thank you for letting us come. She’s a domestic medium hair tortoiseshell. She’s about maybe 2 to 3 years old. And she’s super sweet, but she’s super nosey right now. She loves her cat tree at the shelter and she just sees all the possibilities to explore and climb here. So she’s actually being pretty good. But she would really love to get down.

Carney Porter: I know she was trying to escape. She’s trying to go to the back of the chair a minute ago. She was like, I need to wander. So it might be a home that’s more allow- you know, allows that kind of exploration and climbing.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: If you’re looking for an active cat that likes to sit in your lap when she gets ready to.

Carney Porter: Look at her she’s trying to go.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: And she actually does pretty decent on the leash. So she might be one that would enjoy going on walks.

Carney Porter: Oh, really? You know, I mean, how normal is that for cats to want to be on a leash to walk?

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: You don’t see many that really like being on a leash, but she was doing really well.

Carney Porter: And she was a good car rider, too.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: She was. She’s really super sweet. And she was found by somebody as a stray, and their cat did not like her. So she’s been pretty good with the other cats at the shelter, but it would just have to be on a meet and greet basis to see if she would get along with other animals in the home.

Carney Porter: Now, how do we feel about small children? You know-

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: She loves kids. She loves all people and kids. Yes. And we do not know about dogs. She’s been a little nervous around dogs.

Carney Porter: Okay. So it doesn’t matter the size – another trial and error situation. Gotcha. Now, does she have any any dietary restrictions or fearful tendencies?

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: Nope. She does like to lick.

Carney Porter: That’s okay. There are worse things than that. She does some of that.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: She would require since she’s got the medium length hair, more grooming than a short hair cat. She does shed.

Carney Porter: Gotcha.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: She would have to have, you know, regular hairball medication or just a food that would cover that.

Carney Porter: Well, if you are interested in adopting Cinnamon or any other animal from Wilbarger Humane Society, give them a call. The number right there on your screen, or if you want to find it later on, we’ll have it on our Web site. Thank you so much for being here.

Wilbarger Humane Society Representative: Thank you, and Cinnamon thanks you too.