VERNON (KFDX/KJTL) — Gigi is a 6-week-old kitten who will soon be available to adopt from the Wilbarger Humane Society.

The Wilbarger Humane Society brought Gigi onto our noon show on Tuesday, March 14.

Carney Porter: Well, I think since I’ve been here anyway, this is the smallest four-legged friend we’ve ever had on the show. She’s from the Wilbarger Humane Society. Her name is Gigi, and she is joining us now. She is just so small, I can’t even contain her. Small but mighty.

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: But yes, she is small but mighty. She is the actually the runt of the litter. She’s like half the size of her brothers and sisters. But she- she’s the best. She runs with the best of them. She’s got the loudest voice of everybody. But I think she has to because she’s so small, she has to make herself known.

Carney Porter: I mean, look at her. She’s like the size of my- I mean, I can hold pretty much all of her in my palm. I just choose not to do the one because she’ll move around.

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: She does like to. She’s she likes to explore, but she’s so little, you have to be careful where she goes so she doesn’t get lost.

Carney Porter: And she’s six weeks?

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: She is six weeks old. We will not adopt her out until she’s eight weeks old. But if you want to go ahead and fill out an application for her, we will process it and get her ready to go.

Carney Porter: Goodness are you, just what are you saying? And you’re just talking.

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: She’s very talkative.

Carney Porter: Oh, my goodness. Well, how is there- how many of them in the litter is there?

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: There are three others. They’re all girls. There’s you. All girls. It was an all-girl litter, and they’re all feisty and rambunctious.

Carney Porter: Oh, my goodness.

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: She…

Carney Porter: You can’t tell me they’re more than her.

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: I don’t know. She kind of instigates some of the play and everything. So she decides, does it bother her? She thinks she’s as big as the others are.

Carney Porter: She does. She is just so funny. I’m watching. I’m concentrating on her. I’m, like, not dropping her. Well, if they’re interested in adopting Gigi, how can people go about doing so? Come on down?

Wilbarger Humane Society Rep.: Yes. Or they can give us a call: (940) 552-5373. They can visit us on Facebook, and we can do online applications – however they want to do.

Carney Porter: Goodness, well make sure you go get her. She’s a sweet girl. Thank you so much for joining us.