WINDTHORST (KFDX/KJTL) — The Windthorst Knights of Columbus are holding a sausage meal the first weekend in March.

Brad Wolf of the Knights of Columbus joined our morning show Thursday, March 2, to talk about the upcoming meal.

The event will take place Sunday, March 5, at St. Mary’s Parish Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The meal benefits the Windthorst Volunteer Fire Department and the 4th Degree Windthorst Knights of Columbus.

Carney Porter: Well, Brad Wolf from Windthorst’s Knights of Columbus is joining us this morning. They have a sausage meal coming up this weekend. Thanks for being here.

Brad Wolf: Thank you for having me.

Carney Porter: I’m looking at all the delicious food. I’m like, I’m sure everyone is just as excited to get down there and enjoy.

Brad Wolf: Absolutely. I wish I could have had some for y’all this morning, but we’re not making it till this afternoon.

Carney Porter: I don’t blame you. You got to have a plan in place. Get them- you know, when you’re making it in bulk, you got to have a plan, so I don’t hold it against you. But what can people expect this weekend to look forward to?

Brad Wolf: So you show up at Saint Mary’s Parish Hall, the hall on the hill down in Windthorst, just like always. It’s $15 for adults, $5 for children, 12 and under. We’ll have our raw sausage available. We’ll have baked goods available by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. And it’s the same thing that we do all year, every year or every year. And it’s going to be another good time.

Carney Porter: I know I went down there not too long ago for the one probably before the one before last, and it was packed. I mean, especially coming out to the pandemic. People were just, you know, excited to get out and enjoy each other’s company. Has that remained the same for the ones that you’ve had since?

Brad Wolf: Oh, yeah, absolutely. It usually gets pretty busy pretty quick. We’re able to keep the line moving. We’ve done it enough years now to be able to keep that line going pretty quick, not make people wait too long. But yeah, we have a lot of people come out from all over the state. We have people coming from the Metroplex, from Abilene, from Amarillo that we’ve come to expect every time we have one of these. And we’ve even noticed when they’re not there kind of thing and make sure that everything’s okay.

Carney Porter: What’s it like to have such a great tradition? It’s a nice standing tradition that people are just, you know, look forward to and make sure they try to come in, even out of town for. What does that mean to you?

Brad Wolf: Oh, man, it’s fantastic. Especially how much it brings the community together. I mean, how people come in from out of town to come help work it and everything. It’s a great weekend to be in Windthorst, basically. It’s- everybody comes in, everybody helps out, everybody pitches in, does their part.

Carney Porter: That’s a great time. And they’ve said it’s coming up this weekend. And it said, how much were those tickets again?

Brad Wolf: It’s $15 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under, and we’ll have to-go plates. It’s everything available. Raw Sausage available. You can come on out.

Carney Porter: Gotcha. We’ll have all that information on our website if you’re looking to go out there. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it.

Brad Wolf: Thank you for having me this morning.