Iowa Park High School Senior Breaks 3 World Records at Powerlifting Meet


An Iowa Park High School Senior has done something not many people can say they’ve done in their lifetime.

Dalton Adkins recently competed at the world power lifting meet in Las Vegas and set three world records while he was there.

At just 18 years old Dalton Adkins has power lifted his way to 3 world records.

“It was a really neat thing to accomplish, and had that really good feeling that I felt like I earned and I worked really hard for,” Adkins said.

Adkins competed in the 148 pound weight class, he squatted 455 pounds, beating the former record of 425 that was actually set the year Adkins was born in 1998. 

He bench pressed 350 pounds, beating the record of 297.

He also dead lifted 445 pounds and all of the weight totals stacked up and allowed Adkins to nab a third record.

Adkins said he couldn’t have accomplished it all without some help.

“Me and my dad have been through a lot together with it. he would spot me and help me with my form,” Adkins said. 

While preparing for the competition he worked out 4 days a week, spending countless hours getting better and stronger.

And Adkins dad, Shane, said he watched his son make sacrifices, that helped get him where he is today.

“Powerlifting is a very lonely sport, there are days when it’s just he and i in here on a weekends,” Shane said. “He’s had buddies text him, ‘hey we are doing this’, ‘well I am gonna go workout instead.”

Adkins has been weight lifting since before junior high but really got serious about the sport in high school.

That dedications has paid off too he’s qualified for the state meet for the past 3 years.

“I can see it a lot in his confidence and how he handles himself,” Shane said. “When you go to a powerlifting meet you stand next to your competitor, you talk to them so there is sportsmanship and a little bit of one-up-man-ship.”

Adkins admits leading up to the meet he was a little nervous, but he didn’t let that get the best of him.

“People from all around the world were there and it wasn’t like a big deal as much to me, I just think of it as a regular power lifting meet and think of it just as lift weights.” 

He is already pumped up about another season, which starts in January, and Adkins says what he has accomplished so far. is just the beginning.

Following graduation Adkins plans to attend South Plains College and study physical therapy and eventually wants to complete his education at Texas Tech. 

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