WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — “Faith in the Falls” is back after several years off. Justin Day shared his story about how the program turned his life around.

“My story would have sounded more like a drug-addicted inmate,” said Justin Day. “Homeless, hopeless and just completely broken.”

Justin Day grew up in a small Oklahoma town. He had what others would consider a perfect life, growing up with a supportive family.

However, he ended up on a path that he knew he shouldn’t have been on.

“Just somehow kind of got off on the wrong foot, making some bad decisions and became addicted to drugs,” said Day.

After breaking his arm, Justin got hooked on painkillers. He abused the medication. When he ran out, he turned to whatever means available to him.
Eventually, he went to prison for the usage, and that’s where he found out about “Faith Mission”, the program that changed his life.

“The mission just kind of provided another opportunity to fix some of that stuff,” said Day.

Justin entered into the 13-month program, completed it, and is now living a better life, thanks to what he was taught.

“I was challenged on a daily basis,” said Day. “I was taught that I needed a lifelong pursuit of Jesus, not just a get out of jail free card. And I was equipped with just resources and tools to apply to life education. It was truly transformative for me.”

Thursday night, Justin was able to share his story and tell people about how he is now living a life he never imagined living.

“It’s beautiful,” said Day. “It was something that was just kind of a fantasy. Just less than three years ago. The life that I’m living now, I just really didn’t see it as possible.”

Justin said that the program accepted him at his most desperate and showed him that he was, in fact, unconditionally loved and cared for.