KILLEEN, Texas (KWKT/FOX 44) — Consumer product manufacturer 3M has agreed to a settlement of a jarring 6.01 billion dollars for nearly 260,000 earplug lawsuits.

The legal team that helped make it happen, The Carlson Law Firm.

“We’re representing thousands of soldiers, sailors, military members, and contractors who were deployed overseas between 2003 and 2015. [Those] in Iraq and Afghanistan, who lost their hearing or experience tinnitus as a result of being deployed from these defective earplugs,” says Carlson Law Firm Managing Partner Craig Carlson.

The legal action against 3M alleged, the dual ended combat arms earplugs were knowingly given to the U.S. Military flawed, causing hearing loss and tinnitus.

Carlson calling it disheartening to see companies providing defective items.

“And that’s what it makes it so good in this case, that we can hold them accountable for the injuries that they caused to our veterans and our civilian employees who were deployed,” says Carlson.

The work doesn’t stop there for the firm, plenty of veterans and active duty members haven’t gotten their justice, however, there’s still time if you think you are one of them.

What you need for Earplug Lawsuit compensation with The Carlson Law Firm:

  • Military discharge document (DD214) – (if applicable)
  • Gather medical records (proof of hearing loss or tinnitus)
  • Contact the Carlson Law Firm

The Earplug Lawsuit will go down as one of the largest settlements in history.

Those with The Carlson Law Firm say the victims and their families are due justice through this compensation.