WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As Old High, Rider, and Hirschi High schools opened their doors for the first day for the last time, everyone felt a whirlwind of emotions.
“We really want to make this last year the best year for our students,” said Laurie Kinne, Principal of Old High.
“People are very proud of the school,” said Cody Blair, Principal of Rider.
“Bittersweet. There are some things we’re going to miss,” said Doug Albus, Principal of Hirschi.
The principals also expressed they are sad to close the door on the generations of students who graduated from their schools.

Hirschi’s principal spent his entire life at his school.
“I graduated from here, so I lived right across the street from the campus here when I was growing up and went to school here. Holds a lot of nostalgia to me and a lot of importance to me for us to do well,” said Albus.

With all the sad emotions of this being the last ride, all three principals look to carry the traditions of their current schools to their respective new ones.

They all will serve some role within the new schools.

Teachers say they realize how much their traditions and rituals mean to the students.
“It’s really sad, but it’ll be exciting to switch and get to experience new traditions,” said Old High sophomore Madeline Barnard. “Hopefully we can do something kind of like that Legacy.”

The last class of seniors to graduate from their schools are aware of the uniqueness of their situations.
“I think they really feel how special that is and even just the uniqueness of it,” said Blair.