Lawton Family Talks About Having to be Rescued During the Floods

Back in May, when water flooded roads and even homes, some folks north of the Red River said they were sure thankful firefighters came to their rescue.

Inside Garden Village families, like the Byrds, will not forget anytime soon the May floods where they were trapped inside their small community.

“Scary. Only because there’s only one way in, one way out,” explained resident Frances Byrd.

“At one point, actually we came out and we couldn’t see the street anymore. It was like a river and nobody could cross the street,” stated Brooklyn Everett.

Byrd said firefighters told them they had 30 minutes to evacuate, but in the end they only had 10.

13-year-old Brooklyn Everette said it seemed like something you would only see in the movies.

“I didn’t really believe what was going on and then I came outside. In the corner, water was just piling in and you could see trash and debris everywhere and it was really scary,” Everett said.

While the water was not high enough for the Byrd Family to evacuate their home, it was too low for them to use their boat. So, they were stuck, watching the water rise.  Firefighters had to go in and rescue them.

“The roads back here were opened, but the crossing at the front was already going over and that’s why we couldn’t leave because the one low water crossing at the very front of the subdivision,” said Frances Byrd.

Numerous people had to be rescued both from the homes in the subdivision and their cars.

The road east of Cache Creek had to be repaired, after much of the shoulder floated away.

“It’s really nice that they actually fixed it, but it’s kind of scary when it starts to rain really hard and you’re wondering if this whole field in the back is going to get flooded again,” finished Everett.

As she, like many other residents, are left hoping local officials will do something to prevent this from happening again.

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