WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — If you’re a fan of junkin’ and antiquing, there’s a new shop in downtown Wichita Falls where you can get your fix.

Emalee’s Shop at 301 E. Scott Ave. provides different items to sort through while also offering pieces of Wichita Falls history.

Wichita Falls native and shop owner Renae Bates said she and her mother used to go antiquing often and that she wants to honor the community she grew up in. It’s a love that grew for her to open up her own antique shop, and Bates is bringing more than a shopping experience.

“It’s a way for me to honor Wichita Falls’ history as well ’cause I’ve kinda started collecting and using it as decorations,” Bates explained.

From pictures on the wall to items from the Kemp, Bates said planting roots in her hometown is something she is excited about.

“That’s a big thing of who I am,” Bates said. “I was a mama’s girl and she always said know who you are and know where you come from.”

Inside the shop, you can find more than just history and pictures of her family members, like knick-knacks, vinyls, clothes and all sorts of other items to get your junkin’ on.

Originally a teacher at Old High, Bates said something she loves about owning a shop is being able to show off photos of her family, which is why Emmalee’s is named after her grandmother and great-grandmother.

“This is brand new for me, [but] I thought if I could teach then I could do this,” Bates said.

Spreading the love of antiquing while sharing some Wichita Falls history.

To learn more about Emmalee’s Shop, visit the Yelp page.