WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With a big shake, pecans fall.

“We’ll be harvesting now until probably at least into January for our crops,” Pecan Shed Store Manager Jill Montz said.

Pecan harvesting season is upon us: a process that begins about February or March, making it a year-long process for farmers.

“You want to do it before pecan trees are butting out and [it] gets warm, but we also have to do things like pruning and hedging trees because we want to keep our trees the same height and width,” Montz said.

With the hot, dry summer, it’s brought a big struggle for farmers to keep crops alive for harvesting season, and it’s been a bit costly.

“Irrigation wells run off of electricity, so we try not to use it,” Montz said. “We really always want Mother Nature to help us out, but we did get some rain. Like I said, we supplement it with irrigation and then the rain helps the trees to kind of open up, open up those holes and get ready.”

And, from farm to storefront, cracked or peeled, they’re ready to go for the holidays as business will pick up soon for the store.

“I love to hear when people are like, ‘I always make my pecan pie with your pecans,’ or ‘I use your Great Aunt Mimi’s pecan pie recipe’ or ‘We love making fudge with your pecans.’ So just being a part of family’s traditions makes it really important to me,” Montz said.

Pecans to be a part of your holiday tradition, grown locally in Texoma.