WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One thing you probably find yourself paying more for at the grocery store these days are eggs.

“Shortages are everywhere they went from we were paying $15 to $20 dollars for a 15 dozen case up to $40 or $45 dollars for that same case well in these past few months that same case has jumped from $69 to $70 dollars,” Margie’s Bakery & Deli Owner Michael Gerstner said.

The cost of eggs has nearly tripled in the last year, part of the reason for that spike is inflation, and for Michael Gerstner he can’t just stop buying the eggs because well they’re an ingredient that is very vital for running a bakery.

“As you see with our case here everything in it has eggs in it from the cookie doughs, to the pastries, to the pies, breads, everything we make has eggs in it so its definitely effecting us,” Gerstner said.

While restaurants and bakeries are surely feeling the brunt of this, so are farmers.

“Towards the latter half of last year we kept our egg prices the same, and we were probably if not losing money barely breaking even on egg prices, but we were so hesitant because we have so many people that love our eggs,” Abraxas Patton said.

The Patton’s operate the Front Porch Farm and say the price increase we’re seeing is due to supply and demand, there was the Avian Bird Flu that swept through the country, and farmers have had expenses increase too.

“Our feed costs have almost quadrupled since last spring when we last raised our prices so we’ve been hesitant to raise our prices but with the cost of feed going up so much we decided after Christmas season we’d do that at the first of the year,” Brittany Patton said.

There are many people who absolutely need eggs.

“I think about the breakfast places where you’re using fresh eggs for your sunny side up eggs and regular scrambled eggs or things,” Gerstner said.

You might even want to try other options like duck eggs.

“Try the duck eggs, and we’ll have repeat customers looking for duck eggs because they’re really good,” Patton said.

For now, we may just have to wait these high prices out.

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