About 50 years after going into battle together in Vietnam some members of a U.S. Army combat engineers unit are getting back together in Wichita Falls.

Danny List found a draft card in the mail one day in 1969. That’s when he decided to enlist in the military instead. List served in the Vietnam War as a part of the 20th Combat Engineer Unit. His unit’s main base was located in Pleiku, and while in Vietnam, he was part of a major battle at Ben Het he said not many people know about.

“This was one of the first times where tanks were used against the special forces camp and our tanks were better than their tanks,” List said. “They had PT-76’s amphibious Russian tanks, we had Patton tanks. We had a 90mm gun, they had 76mm gun so you can figure out who lost.”

It has been 50 years since List and his combat engineer unit served during the Vietnam War together. To reunite the group, Danny and his wife Lynn decided to host his military brothers from Wednesday until Monday. Mike Moulton was a part of the group and made the trip from Durango, Colorado. He said there is one thing he is looking forward to most.

“Just to reconnect with my brothers,” Moulton said. “I had the honor of serving with some really great people and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again.”

List said he hasn’t seen a lot of these guys since then, but there are some special memories he still holds dear to his heart.

“After missions, after we did a mine sweeping mission and no one got killed, no one got injured, we all made it back safely,” List said. “We could actually relax a little bit, we would just goof off like any 18-19-year-olds would.”

Even though life has gone on, that brotherhood that started more than 50 years ago, remains strong.

While they are here, they are going to make several stops to places like the firing range, local museums, and local restaurants.