WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — We ‘re halfway through the first week of 2023 and many people share a common goal of wanting to get fit in the new year.

So if that ‘s you or your child, and you find yourself looking for a fun and unique way to get active, how about picking up the skill of gymnastics? If you’re interested, there’s a great local facility you can check out.

“It’s interesting because I came in, and I was a basketball player I didn’t come up with a gymnastics background [and] so to me, it’s like when I first got involved with the sport I just fell in love with it,” Owner of Gymnastics Sports Center Storm Arron Littleton said.

Arron Littleton is the head coach and owner, and he says seeing the progress and feeling of satisfaction that this activity brings to those who try it is what keeps him going. He adds that if you came in, you could be having a good time too. In fact, it’s easier to stick to your resolution of getting fit, if you’re doing something you or your child actually enjoys.

“We’re currently enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year right now, and we are going to do not only regular gymnastics but tumbling, Parkour, a lot of young men enjoy doing Parkour run and jump and flip over obstacles, so yeah we have classes for everybody,” Littleton said.

While you might not be a Simone Biles overnight, gymnastics has some great benefits that can help you in life.

“There’s not enough good things you can say about gymnastics, it teaches you body awareness, spatial awareness, it teaches you how to deal with success how to deal with failure,” Littleton said,

We’ve got a great set of coaches, we really don’t have many accidents here we’ve got a great set of coaches they keep the kids safe, and we would definitely love to see anybody who wants to come out to the gym and give it a try!”

You’re guaranteed to have a flipping good time! For more information on everything Gymnastics Sport Center Storm offers, click here.