PETROLIA (KFDX/KJTL) — In response to local wildfires, a 10-year-old has made it her responsibility to make sure the Petrolia Volunteer Fire Dept has everything they need to do their job, and her results are pretty impressive.

“I was talking to my husband on the phone as we were dropping them off, telling him about a fire truck that’s broken, we were going to figure out how much we could donate to the fire department to fix the truck,” Brandy Vallier said. “Well, she overheard the conversation and said, ‘Well Mom, I have an idea.'”

10-year-old Alli Vallier decided that she would just raise the money to help the fire department with the $1,400 repair.

Alli sat outside of her parents’ resturant Wholly Frijole with a money box, and the support she recieved from the community was incredible.

“It says ‘Donations for Volunteer Fire Department,'” Alli said. “Please help us reach our goal to reach our fire trucks. We only need $633, but we already got that.”

In a span of two days, Alli raised over $1,400 for the local fire department.

“She raised yesterday, from about 10 to about 1 o’clock, 757 dollars,” Brandy said. “Her goal, at first, was just to raise any amount of money. When she figured out how much she raised, she got excited and wanted to do it again today.”

When I asked Alli what she wanted the fire department to do with the money, her answer was pretty simple.

“To keep us all safe if there’s a fire,” Alli said.

Alli isn’t stopping here. She says her new goal is $20,000, and if you’re interested in helping out, there’s still time to stop by with monetary donations, water and other supplies for firefighters.

You can drop off any donations to help the Petrolia Volunteer Fire Department at Wholly Frijole at 108 Benton street in Petrolia.