IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — Two New Mexico residents are accused of trying to transport 11 pounds of meth through Wichita County over the weekend.

Michael McDaniel is being held without bond on a trafficking charge from New Mexico and $100,000 for a new charge in Wichita County.

Angelique Jaramillo has been released on a $100,000 bond.

A Wichita County deputy said he began following a white Hyundai on U.S, 287, southbound, near Iowa Park on Saturday, July 30, 2022, that had an expired registration. He said the car quickly exited and pulled into the rest stop.

The deputy went for about a mile and pulled off the highway to wait. He said the Hyundai passed him a short time later and he pulled behind it again. This time the officer said the car again quickly exited at FM 369 and pulled into a gas station.

He waited and again pulled behind it and made a traffic stop.

The officer said he smelled marijuana and had the driver and only occupant, Jaramillo, step out, and he conducted a search, turning up a driver’s license for McDaniel, and clothing with a size 40 waist and shoes, size 11.

When asked, he said Jaramillo said the clothes and shoes belonged to her 15-year-old son.

During the search, the deputy said Jaramillo was on her phone, texting constantly.

A check on the driver’s license showed McDaniel had a full extradition warrant out of New Mexico for drug trafficking.

Suspecting Jaramillo had dropped McDaniel off at the rest stop earlier, the deputy radioed for other units to check there.

Another deputy and a DPS trooper said they saw a Black male coming out of the rest stop building and when he saw them he took off running toward a wooded area.

A foot pursuit began and officers took McDaniel into custody when they said he fell once, got up and began running again, then went down on the ground and put his arms to his side.

A search of his pockets revealed two clear baggies of marijuana and a plastic bottle with suspected meth.

Officers said the maintenance man at the rest stop told them he had agreed to give McDaniel a ride into town and let McDaniel put his backpack in the trunk of his car. They said a search of the pack turned up 11 pounds of what tested positive for crystal meth.

Jaramillo is also charged with hindering apprehension for allegedly dropping off McDaniel at the rest stop.