13th Annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins

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WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Hope you’ve paid all of your citations off because the 13th Annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins Monday.

The coordinated law enforcement effort is serving warrants and arresting citizens with unpaid citations all over the state.

You know what they say, money talks. Paying your fine is the only way to get out of the hands of Johnny Law, but they are willing to hear from citizens who are unable to pay.

“I’ve got officers out on the street knocking on doors, going to people’s jobs, going to their school,” Wichita Falls Municipal Court Administrator Stan Horton said. “They’re going to pick them up and take them to jail.”

Ready or not, here they come, and you can’t hide. The Texas Warrant Roundup has begun and they are taking all prisoners.

And there’s only one way around it.

“I advise people to come on down or get online and make those payments. Get that knocked out,” Horton said.

And if you think leaving the county is going to save you, you are mistaken.

“Somebody in Dallas, Texas owes the city of Wichita Falls $3,000 and they pull em over,” Horton said. “They’re gonna call me and they’re gonna say ‘hey we’ve got this person; do you want us to arrest them?’ If they owe us that much money I’m gonna tell them ‘yes, arrest them.'”

Even though it sounds threatening, the municipal courts are more than happy to work with citizens if they can’t make payments.

“If you’re financially unable to, you’ve had medical issues or something like that, be here at 8:30 in the morning so we can get you in front of the judge and figure out what’s going on,” Horton said.

The municipal court can set up payment plans depending on the income and situation of the citizens. Citizens must bring receipts and any type of evidence to show that they are unable to make payments.

And even though law enforcement agencies are out and about arresting citizens, it is much easier for everyone to just pay the fine.

“I don’t wanna have to take anybody to jail,” Horton said. “I’d really like for you just to come take care of it. But if you don’t have the money, get in here tomorrow morning and, and let’s get something worked out to keep you from going to jail. “

The roundup officially ends on March 6th but officers will still be serving warrants.

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