A 19-year-old is one of several arrested in pellet gun vandalism in Wichita Falls, enters a judicial plea in connection with vandalism of school buses last summer.

Kagan Baisden was arrested with two other men hiding in a shed on marsha lane last December.

Police say the found they found a stolen handgun, $1,700 cash, marijuana, meth, prescription pills, scales, baggies and a pellet rifle.

Police had received reports of pellet damage to several cars in that area.

Baisden entered a plea to a charge of criminal mischief over $1,500, and he will be sentenced on April 30.

Police say Baisden and possibly three others broke windows and windshields of six school buses at the Durham School Services lot on Seymour Highway last August.

Officials say there were 20 windows broken causing approximately $12,000 in damage.

They say Baisden first denied being involved then said he was there but only to try and stop the others.