WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A second suspect has been arrested in a multi agency investigation of human smuggling that also involves a Wichita Falls bail bondsman.
Juan Maldonado of Olney was booked into Wichita County jail Tuesday, January 3, 2023, on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Bondsman Maxie Green was released on bond October 30 after his arrest in the same case. They are among several individuals named by another smuggling suspect in 2020 as part of the alleged operation to transport undocumented immigrants from the Mexican border area to Wichita Falls and other regions.

The investigation by local, state and federal agencies began in December 2019 with the arrest of Jeffery Travis in Ward County, Texas. Authorities say Travis was transporting 10 undocumented immigrants in a van and told them he was being paid $300-$500 per immigrant, and that Green and Maldonado made between $10,000 and $15,000 per immigrant he transported. Agencies say Green’s involvement included providing vehicles and “stash houses” for the immigrants in Wichita Falls.

Travis said he was told by Green to communicate through Maldonado, so that Green did not get too involved.
Other drivers in the operation told authorities Green wired money to El Paso to to pay expenses and that some immigrants were taken to a house in Olney, then
to a house in Wichita Falls owned by Green.
As of this posting, none of the other suspects named in the operation have been booked into the Wichita County jail.