WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Three murder suspects are now indicted for murder in the shooting of Edward Collins at High Point Village Apartments in November.

All three were arrested about a month after the shooting.

Police described the shooting as a drug buy gone bad, when Collins got in the car with the three men and shots were fired.

23-year-old Julian Byrd was arrested first, followed by 21-year-old Kali Bean and then 21-year old Demasia Delgado.

Bonds were set at $1 million on each suspect.

Police received anonymous calls and a crime stoppers tip identifying Byrd as a suspect.

Then, investigators said Byrd agreed to talk and said he and Delgado were passengers in a black Nissan driven by Kali Beal, and that they had set up a drug transaction with Collins in the apartment parking lot.

Police said Byrd and Delgado told them an argument led to gunfire inside the car.