A group of wounded veterans and active duty warriors are helping get rid of wild hogs in Knox County. 
Friday was the first day of hunting for a hog hunt that raises money for veterans while giving some of them a chance to get out and shoot. 
“I think just being back in a helicopter and having weapons, it seems like a good day,” Patrick Myers, a Marine Corps veteran, said. 
That’s why Myers says he decided to participate a giant annual hog hunt in Knox county for these wounded vets from all over the nation. 
We started the event three years ago. They founded a charity called Semper Gratus to reunite veterans that served together and put them back together since they haven’t seen each other in a while, organizer Michael Burress said. 
Burress says each of the participants have a sponsor for the event and the money goes to the Semper Gratus organization, which supports veterans all over the nation.
“It’s a hard transition when they’re cut off quickly and leave. This puts them back into an environment that they were used to. This puts them back with their friends and battle buddies 
Burress says the hunt also helps with the wild hog problem, with the population growing even more since the drought ended.
“It’s a dual cause really. We’re able to assist the farmers, eradicate some hogs and also get these guys up into an environment they’re used to,” Burress said. 
Burress says all the hard work putting the hunts together is made worthwhile when they see what it means to these heroes. 
“I love being with other veterans. Any time we can get together and shoot things it’s fun,” Myers said. 
The event goes on all weekend. 
There is a dinner and dance tomorrow night that is open to the public. 
It starts at 8 p.m. at the Circle Bar Ranch in Truscott in Knox County.