WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — From the size of a truck to a button, Production Machine and Tool can get it done.

“We do contract manufacturing,” Co-owner Mark McMullen said. “There’s a lot of good machine shops around and trying to differentiate yourself from others. It really comes down to just a lot of customer service and we’ve got a lot of quality quality certifications.”

For 50 years, Production has offered machining, welding, and assembly with a lot of work done in the oil and gas industry.

McMullen said with a boom or bust market, diversifying its services is key to staying afloat, including some side work for the United States Navy.

“We’ve kind of learned the only way to weather those storms is to not have any debt and, you know, be conservative and play defense when it’s bad and good on offense when it’s good. But it’s a challenge,” McMullen said.

To show the community its service and employee appreciation, an open house was held for the public and employees built booths for a chili cook-off.

“To show the community and just kind of who we are and what we do. But a lot of it’s just a source of pride for all the guys that work here to be able to bring their friends and family out and see what we do and just kind of share it with everybody,” McMullen said.

As McMullen works to keep the business going for another 50 years.