YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — For the seventh year, Crawfish and Cannons take over Fort Belknap with plenty of crawfish to go around.

Though this is the seventh year, this is a first for Jacob Knight and Krawdaddy Catering.

“We look forward to doing events like this all the time,” Knight said. “A lot of good people, we’ve made some new friends, guys already telling us they’re looking forward to us coming back next year.”

With Krawdaddy able to cook up to 10,000 pounds of crawfish, the sold-out event was easy work for Knight.

With live music, it’s brought people as far as Austin. Hannah Aune and Madison McCauley said they came to see Flatland Calvary but being in attendance, they said they might make it an annual tradition.

“In a small town that feels like in the middle of nowhere, this is precious. They have food, drinks, clothes, live music and it’s awesome,” Aune said.

“I like it because I feel like it’s more intimate. I feel like we can get real close so we’re so excited,” McCauley said.

Between the music, shopping, and food, Crawfish and Cannons completes another successful year.

“I mean it’s so special, so intimate,” Aune said.

“We love it. We really felt blessed for being able to come out here,” Knight said.