WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—In efforts to continue expanding the art scene locally, owners of 9th Street Studios are hosting a pop-up art installation with a twist.

When you walk into “Xmas Xplosion” you will be blown away by the fun, quirky, and unique winter wonderland, and get this, you could walk away with an awesome prize thanks to a few interactive displays.

The holidays are upon us and chances are you have family in town or coming to visit, what better way to show them what downtown Wichita Falls has to offer than a stop at 9th Street Studios for “Xmas Xplosion”?

“Once you come in, you kind of get that idea of where that name came from the idea was to have a happy marriage between art installations and over-the-top Christmas decorations,” Raeke said.

And as you can see, Co-owner of 9th Street Studios, Becky Raeke, and her team hit the nail on the head, or should I say staple?

“We do have a sculpture that is completely made out of staples, so you can guess how many staples were used to make that sculpture,” Raeke said.

But that’s not the only interactive installation, there’s a chimney that gives you a cool effect once you rotate the image, a throne inspired by Game of Thrones, and much more.

“This year the reason why we did this was because art installations weren’t great around the holidays so we just kind of gave the masses what they wanted and got on the bandwagon with doing Christmas decorations and we had a lot on hand, we’re all about reusing and not trying to go out and buy a bunch of things,” Raeke said.

Raeke said, in all, you will not find an experience like this anywhere else.

“I mean it’s innovative and it just kind of embodies the holiday spirit, there’s a lot of things that you can do and pay to do over the holidays season but this is unique and it’s something that helps supports small businesses,” Raeke said.

And for just 5 bucks, you’re helping support this small business fund future projects.

Raeke said they will announce the winner of the “Have You Tried Staples?” sculpture on January 1st. As of right now “Xmas Xplosion” is by appointment only but will be open from 4 to 8 pm on December 17th during the City Lights Parade, 9th Street Studios will actually be on the route of the parade. Admission is only 5 dollars and all ages are welcome.

For more information about setting an appointment for this new installation click here.