A cow-caper: Smith’s Gardentown trying to find owner of cabbage-eating cow

Local News

Folks over at Smith’s Gardentown are trying to solve the mystery of a curious cow that caused some damage.

They are calling her the “ninja cow” that was caught on camera feasting on the cabbage patch.

So far, there is no telling how it got through the fences or who it belongs to, but those at Smith’s are hoping to locate the cow’s owners so no more damage is done.

“If she gets into the greenhouses where we have the trees and shrubs she could really do a lot of damage so we are hoping the owner will come forward and take responsibility and get the fence fixed before too long,” Owner Katherine Smith said.

Smith said this is not the first occasion the black, seemingly pregnant cow, made its way to their property.

And that is how the cow ate the cabbage.

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