WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—As you may have noticed over the past few hours and past few newscasts, things look a little different right?

That’s because we’ve had several construction crews along with our amazing engineers here at the station hard at work for more than three months to completely revamp our studio!

It’s out with the old, and in with the new here at KFDX.

A set that many of us here at the station have called home for nearly a decade is now “old news”.
We’ve now upgraded and completely remodeled our set, adding some amazing features.

“In my 26 years here at KFDX, sports has always been a priority, and now with this new set, we are going to be doing things bigger and better than ever,” KFDX/KJTL Sports Anchor, Tobin Mcduff said. “Whether it’s soccer, whether it’s football, baseball, softball, volleyball, I am looking forward to endless possibilities in this new studio.”

But thats not the only new addtion to the set.

“Well, we’re obviously excited about our new set. We’ve got more computers and more monitors to share more information with you. Of course, the chroma key wall is here, we’ll have that, and that’s where we’ll spend most of our time,” Chief Meteorologist, Kevin Selle said.

“But in the main set we’ve got all kinds of places to show the weather, a big monitor here and a big monitor there, I’m actually most excited about this table here. This used to be just a presentation station, now it’s a full workstation so we can have more meteorologists on the air sharing information with you.”

Not only have we made some improvements for sports and weather, but we’ve also amped everything up in general.

“This portion was recorded just a little bit ago as you can see we worked all the way up until news time to work out all the bugs for you at home,” KFDX/KJTL Anchor, Darrell Franklin said. “This is our high definition video wall, look at the size of this. Kevin Selle can deliver the weather for you, severe weather coverage or really anytime also, reporters will deliver the news to you at home.”

“Yeah you can see how big this is, Darrell is on the complete opposite side of this,” KFDX Anchor, Lauren Linville said.” “This is actually 18 monitors in one big monitor, lots of opportunities for this wall right here.”

“Over here, this is our sister station KJTL Texomas Fox set,” Franklin said. “Each morning at 7 and each night at 9 o’clock we’ll deliver the news for FOX over here, and come over to this side.”

“Alright, this is the weather center. Kevin, Scott, and Michael, you’ll see them here especially during severe weather at the top of the hour,” Linville said. “They have their computers right here so that they can check radar in real-time.”

“As you can see they are working away right now with our Assistant News Director, Brittney Cottingham and back here you’ll see our chroma key green wall,” Franklin said.

“Alright and this is probably my favorite part, this is a live look at downtown Wichita Falls,” Linville said. “We have cameras on Big Blue and on the MPEC every night at 5, 6, and 10. You’ll see a live look at downtown.”

“As you can tell we’re very proud, in fact, to say we’re proud is an understatement,” Franklin said.

The new set took 100-days to build and is a roughly half a million-dollar investment in order to bring you better and faster news, weather, and sports.