A seven-year-old girl raises awareness to foster children needs

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A 7-year-old girl in Caddo County, north of Lawton, is setting a big example when it comes to the joy of giving back.

Jensyn Hood is raising awareness about the needs of foster children, through The Jensyn Project.

“We give blankets and toys and coloring paper to the foster kids so they won’t be sad,” Jensyn Hood said.

What initially started out as a plan to donate shoe boxes to kids overseas, changed when Jensyn convinced her mom that she will fill and donate 100 tote bags for children entering the foster care system in Caddo and Comanche counties.

“It makes me proud that she wants to help other people,” Jensyn’s mother Jamie Hood said. “After we got our foster children she decided that instead of sending them to Haiti she wanted to give them to children here that were local because she seen her own foster-brothers come in without anything.”

Jensyn came a little short of her 100 tote goal, having received donations to fill 86 bags but she is not discouraged because this is only the beginning.

“She has decided that she wants to do this year round and our church is giving us space to be able to continue to do this,” Jamie Hood said.

DHS officials confirm many times they depend on the community to make donations and this gesture of blankets, toiletries and more will go a long way.

“You really don’t realize how comforting for a child that was moved from an unfamiliar place going into a stranger home,” Foster Care and Adoption Recruiter Ethel Pennington said.

“I think it is vital that we as a community make sure that they have all of the resources that we can provide to them,” Child Welfare Service Antwon Robinson added. 

Jensyn expresses much gratitude to those who have donated so far and guarantees she will continue to collect donations to help put a smile on these kiddo’s faces. 

The current drive has a little of everything from books to blankets, toys and more, but moving forward The Jensyn Project will focus on books, blankets, Bibles, and stuffed animals.

If you or someone you know would like to donate, contact Jamie Hood at 580-708-9396.

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