Wichita Falls (KFDX/KJTL) — The City of Wichita Falls is tearing down the abandoned hotel at Wichita Falls. The hotel has been abandoned for years and local residents have been complaining since.

Not only is it a safety hazard, it has been a drug deal location and a place where homeless people have resided in. Sergeant Charlie Eipper explained from a police perspective how the building has been a nuisance.

“That’s what is has been, just a safety hazard, you know, somebody could get hurt in there. Somebody could get lost in there. So that’s what has been for us.
Its taken time away to making other calls where we’ve had to go and check on either property or people or both,” said Eipper.

When asked about the best solution to the hotel, he responded:

“The safest thing for everybody and the best for everybody is to g ahead and take it down. It would be one less burden for us to have to watch and be concerned about people being hurt or property destroyed,” said Eipper.

Aside from the safety concerns, the dilapidated building is just an eyesore.

“You know, w have people that travel through here and its right there by the falls and they look over and see this building that there’s no cars there. Its obvious its not being used. You know, it becomes something that Wichita falls is remembered by as people pass,” Eipper said.

Local residents are hoping the building will be replaced with a new park. With the hotel being adjacent to the river, The Falls, and an RV park, bringing more nature to the area feels right.