WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Natasha Latchett, 32 of Wichita Falls is sentenced to for five previous thefts.

Latchett has had 31 arrests since 2008. Most recently, she was arrested last Friday for a shoplifting turned robbery at Auto’s Grocery.

Natasha Latchett pleaded not guilty to three other theft charges that have since been dismissed.

She was sentenced in 89th district court to one year in state jail for the 5 thefts. Her sentences are for thefts last year and this year.

Latchett has about 10 other pending cases in court. Her 31 previous arrests include 23 theft cases and 11 criminal trespass charges.

Her latest arrest was for an alleged shoplifting attempt of a $5 bottle of wine in October that turned to a robbery charge when police say she and the man she was with struggled with the manager while they tried to get out the door.

The manager says Latchett dropped the bottle of wine while he was fighting with her accomplice.

Police recognized Latchett from surveillance video, but the male suspect is still being sought.