WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Authorities say all phone calls made by inmates from the wichita county jail may be monitored and recorded, and inmates are notified of this policy. However this apparently is often ignored or forgotten by many of them.

On Thursday, recordings of jail calls of one inmate were played in court and they shot down any hope of the inmate’s request for a lower bond.

Shawn Chanate is currently jailed on $50,000 bonds for burglaries and theft of vehicles.

His attorney filed to have the bonds lowered, and brought Chanate to the stand in a remote video hearing to testify about his desire to get out and get a job and willingness to abide by the bond conditions.

After this testimony prosecutor Austin Hamby asked Chanate about some of his other arrests, convictions, and serving prison time in Oklahoma. Chanate admitted the convictions but said he was 18 then, and now he is 30.

Hamby then called an investigator for the D.A. who monitors inmate calls to testify. He had him play several of Chanate’s calls. Hamby asked Chanate why he was asking his girlfriend to contact a known felon, and Chanate said because he knew friends and family of the person and they might be able to help him.

At one point when his girlfriend apparently could not get the person to cooperate, Chanate tells her not to worry because he would handle him from the inside and make it hurt. At one point, Chanate repeats over and over to her to be careful, or she could end up in jail too.

He also tells her that when he gets out of jail, he has a good plug, which authorities say is slang for a source for narcotics.

Asked by Hamby about his job prospects if he got out on bond, Chanate said if not a full-time job, he could work for a temp agency, and when asked by Hamby if the agency hires a lot of felons, Chanate replied yes.

Hamby says Chanate’s past crimes and phone conversations show he would be a risk to repeat crimes if released, and Judge Barnard agreed, saying the recordings were evidence Chanate would be a risk to violate bond requirements and a danger to the community. He denied the motion to lower each of Chanate’s bonds.