After many delays, the murder trial of Justin Love should soon get underway.

Pretrial motions were heard Monday morning in 30th District Court and then attorneys began questioning potential jurors.

Love is one of three people arrested in the shooting death of Dominic Thrasher in 2015.
One of the delays was the result of Love’s attorney being disqualified from the case.

Then, his next attorney refiled a change of venue request. which 30th District Judge Bob Brotherton denied.

Defense and state motions regarding what evidence may be presented in the trial were heard and ruled on Monday morning.

They include things like phone calls to and from jail, text messages, previous alleged offenses and other testimony and evidence that must be ruled admissible or inadmissible outside the presence of the jury.

Co-defendant Blayne Brooks, who is serving 60-years in prison after being found guilty in 2016, is on the state’s list of possible witnesses in Love’s trial along with co-defendant Whitney O’Brien, who testified in Brooks’ trial.