WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—It was a full house inside the 30th District courtroom this morning as the 78th District’s court docket was merged with the 30th District’s due to an ongoing jury trial in Judge Kennedy’s court.

Nearly five years after Davonta combs was gunned down in the parking lot of Studio E back in 2018, one suspect in the shooting has been sentenced. Davonta Combs’ mother, Cassandra Watson, was there to address the man who was found guilty of playing a role in the shooting death of her son.

In her victim impact statement, Watson told Strawn that he didn’t get away with anything and that he is a coward and that he’s about to get what he deserves while in prison. After she finished her statement, Strawn’s mother could be heard in the background claiming her son didn’t do anything, and that’s when Watson told her to “shut up” before chasing after her, causing Wichita County Sheriff’s deputies to intervene.

Strawn was arrested in connection to a gun battle at the Studio E Club in 2018, and charged with killing Davonta Combs and wounding two women, with an A.R. 15 rifle. Strawn was also wounded with two gunshots in the shooting. Cases against two other suspects charged with firing shots were later dismissed.

Strawn was charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault. Yesterday, his attorney and prosecutors agreed to a plea agreement, changing the murder charge to manslaughter, for a 15-year prison sentence. He agreed to plea to one of the aggravated assault charges for a 5-year prison term, and the other charge will be dropped, an agreement that Watson was not happy with.

“I don’t believe it’s a lengthy enough sentence for what he did, I don’t care what innocence he proclaims he’s having, he was not willing, he did that intentionally,” Watson said.

Strawn proclaimed his innocence in a letter to the judge. He had his bond lowered and got out of jail, but then was rearrested in March 2021, when he fell behind in payments for his court-ordered ankle monitor, and was ordered to use his government stimulus check for the past-due bill.
Strawn’s 15-year and 5-year sentences will run concurrently and he will be credited 967 days for time served.