WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — About 10 days after a man is sentenced for a march robbery involving a beating and shots fired, his alleged accomplice is arrested for the same crime.

Amanda Douglas, 26, is charged with aggravated robbery, after her arrest on the outstanding warrant in a traffic stop on Windthorst road Monday. Douglas, Jeremy Gibson, and Jason Shelton are all charged in this case. Douglas’ warrant was issued in April.

Gibson was sentenced on October 9 to seven years in prison. Shelton’s case is still pending.
According to police, the robbery victim was hit with brass knuckles, pistol-whipped, and shot at while he ran away with no clothes on. His car was also taken.

On March 16th, the victim said he went to an apartment on Elizabeth Street to do drugs with Shelton. He said Gibson came in with two women, including Shelton’s girlfriend, Amanda Douglas.
He said Gibson hit him in the face, then pulled a handgun out before hitting him in the head with it. He was then ordered to take his clothes off.

When he did, he said he was able to run out the door, and he heard a shot being fired at him.
The victim said he grabbed clothes from a nearby resident and went to the hospital. Police said Shelton confirmed the victim’s account and the gunshots and said Gibson had brass knuckles on when he beat the victim.

The victim said the beating was retaliation for him giving information about Gibson to Archer County authorities about a drug case. Douglas was given two years probation last year for a burglary in which guns, ammo, a container of a dog’s ashes, and a coin collection and gold bars valued at $30,000 were taken.

Police said Douglas was a friend of the victim and knew she was away at a doctor’s appointment. When police went to arrest her for that crime, they said two pit bulls rushed at them from the house and they shot them, killing one.