WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em.”

That’s what members of the new Alpha Social Card Club will be singing soon when doors open on Friday, June 25.

From filming episodes of his TV show to now opening up a card club and even starting a program to help families get on their feet, Clint Robertson said his life is a roller coaster worth riding.

Robertson, a man who wears many hats, lived in Wichita Falls back in the 90s before moving up to Idaho, that’s when fame came knocking on his door.

“I started flipping houses with a buddy that I met in Boise and low and behold HGTV came knocking and wanted to know if we’d be interested in doing a show and we kind of thought sure whatever that means, we’ll give it a shot,” Robertson said.

Between traveling to shoot new episodes, Robertson decided to raise the ante by opening up a social card club right here in Wichita Falls.

“There was no place to play poker in Wichita Falls and I thought well I’m going to have to drive an hour or hour and a half away just to play poker so I thought, why am I going to do that, why don’t I just find a place here,” Robertson said.

And that’s exactly what he did. Right across from Branding Iron on East Scott Avenue you can find the Alpha Social Card Club where the old Royal Flush used to be located, and the great part, it’s all legal.

“As long as we just facilitate the game, we’re not taking a rake, a rake is where, in the pot, the dealer pulls out money before they shove the pot to the winner, we don’t do that,” Robertson said.

And not only is Robertson providing a facility for players, he’s also providing houses for families in need.

“Our Heart for Home, is a company Sandy and I set up and we’re actually going to be making these homes, and then we’re going to carry the note for folks and help them to learn how to be homeowners,” Robertson said.

Providing better opportunities for those who were dealt a bad hand.

Alpha Social Card Club will be opening this Friday and Saturday at 6 pm at 105 East Scott, Robertson said for the next few weeks it will be cash only for games.

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