Animal hoarder back in jail with $750,000 bond

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WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman who has been in and out of jail repeatedly over charges of animal cruelty and hoarding, and also DWI, is back in jail.

This time the district attorney is hoping another higher bond will keep her in jail where she can not put animals or other motorists at risk.

Joy Jackson is now jailed for the 7th time in less than a year.

Wichita County jail booking 2021

Her bond has been raised to $750,000, after she quickly bailed out soon after her other arrests, even though the D.A. says she claims she is indigent.

Last August she was booked into jail three times in two days, bonding out the same or next day.

In January she posted bonds totaling $370,000 after she was rearrested for being in possession of three more animals and driving without a required DWI interlock device.

Previously, her bonds had been raised from $100,000 to $250,000 and now, $750,000.

Her new bond came after the D.A. Filed to have her previous bond amounts ruled insufficient, after alleging she repeatedly violated bond conditions including ignoring the order to not drive unless the car has an ignition interlock device, driving without an invalid license, possessing more animals, and an animal cage.

In the motion to rule her previous bond insufficient, the prosecutor said Jackson was pulled over for driving without a valid license.

The Iowa Park officers asked why she was driving without an interlock device meant to prevent driving while intoxicated and said she told them she didn’t know she had to move the device from one car to another.

Police say they had seen her driving for months without the required device.

On May 4 Judge Meredith Kennedy granted a new bond of $750,000 on her charge of cruelty to animals, torture.

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