WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Additional counts of child sex crimes are now filed against Anthony Patterson, bringing the total number of counts to 18.

Patterson’s trial was supposed to be underway this week, but the filing of additional charges by the district attorney brought a postponement until October.

There is also the possibility of a change of venue motion being filed to move the trial to another county.

After Patterson was arrested on five new charges on April 25, the D.A. Also filed seven other counts which include employment harmful to children, a law that applies to using children in massage parlors or when children are induced into a sexually oriented activity.

These new charges could be for the purpose of giving a jury options for lesser offenses if they do not find guilt for the other more serious charges.

Patterson was booked into jail on the new charges on Monday and bonded out the next day on his $1.6 million bail.

Authorities said Patterson had a Vernon woman bring two of her underaged relatives to his home in Wichita Falls for sexual purposes in 2017.