WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Attorneys for Anthony Patterson have filed their motion for a change of venue from Wichita County, contending a fair and impartial trial based on evidence is impossible here.

The attorneys filed a 67-page motion with another 129-page appendix containing news stories, social media comments and affidavits from citizens supporting the motion, including one from the defendant himself.

Patterson states the publicity on his sex trafficking and sexual performance by a child charges has been overwhelmingly negative against him and there exists a dangerous combination against him instigated by influential persons.

Patterson has a status hearing Thursday, July 20, in 78th district court. His attorneys argue their client has been subjected to pervasive, prejudicial and inflammatory publicity. They said their appendix listing 104 articles in the local media, and 35 in national medial represents only a portion and sample of the stories that created the hysteria surrounding this case

The court filing also includes a survey by an Austin company of potential jury panel members in the county that supports the motion.