When you’re on the road with young kiddos, you’ve probably panicked a little when you hear someone in the backseat say “I gotta go!”

There’s no time to waste. If the next exit is 2 miles away you better pull up to the right convenience store the first time. No guessing.

An app from Charmin (who knows a bit about bathrooms) is here to help.

“Sit or Squat” allows its users to map out any public restrooms and give them a rating for cleanliness.

Each restroom is marked with a toilet roll icon. Green rolls represent “Sit”, or bathrooms that are found to be clean, while red rolls symbolize “Squat”, as in they’re not so clean.

You can already see how helpful this app can be when mom and dad pull off the interstate.

By tapping on a green roll, you see the name of the establishment and directions.

Users can leave reviews and even snap and share photos of bathrooms, (no selfies please).

Charmin says the app currently maps out over 100,000 bathrooms across the country and when users find one that’s not on the map, they can mark it as clean or dirty (or sit or squat).

The free app works for both iOS and Android devices and is available in both app stores.