WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The race for Archer County sheriff heats up as rumors swirl on Facebook.

A memo sent out by Sheriff Staci Beesinger and the Archer County Sheriff’s Office highlighted the “malicious and unchristian posts and comments made about Chief Deputy Simon Dwyer” as Beesinger set out to set the record straight.

We reached out to Chief Deputy Dwyer for comment, but he was unfortunately sick today and unable to speak with us.

But opponent Jack Curd had some time to give his take on the situation.

“I really wish that a lot of time before they became a keyboard warrior, they’d call me. Or call him, you know to verify. I don’t like see stuff get put out against someone when they haven’t had the oppurtunity to respond,” Curd said.

Curd adds that he has seen negative posts on facebook from both sides in regards to the situation, but has not participated in any thing of the sorts.