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1 in every 3 seniors die from Alzheimer’s or another Dementia making the disease the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

Here in Wichita County, the Alzheimer’s Association provides resources to assist people affected by the disease as well as their caregivers.  

To help community members who may be affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, the Arts Council and the Alzheimer’s Association host “Memories In The Making”.

Betty Higgins recently lost her husband, Richard to Alzheimer’s and says she wishes she had this program before he passed.

“It was something I wanted so badly” Betty Higgins said. “Some place we could come together, he could visit with other Alzheimer’s patients.” 

It is a one hour art session where caregivers and loved ones get together and water paint.

This allows people affected by the disease to enjoy a creative release, while caregivers get a chance to be around other people who have similar stories to share and to get a sense of companionship knowing they are not alone. 

“I’ve been real sad that more people in the community have not taken advantage of this” Higgins said. 

Representatives from  the Alzheimer’s Association and the Arts Council explained to us how an activity such as this one can be beneficial to people affected by the disease.

“Often time, Dementia doesn’t get to the creative portion of the brain,” Arts Council Educational Coordinator Christine Heidebrecht said. “So it accesses a much deeper part of the brain and some of the memories are better stored there,  and so stories can come out. The caregiver is there to capture those stories.” 

Betty says even though her husband passed before the start of this program, attending weekly sessions gives her a sense of comfort being around other caregivers.

“You are able to have some connection with each other.” Higgins said. And betty feels a connection to Richard.

She’s also proud to take part in a program that at least helps in the fight against such an awful disease.

You can catch the next Memories In The Making on Tuesday.

The Alzheimer’s Association is also hosting a walk for Alzheimer’s Awareness and fundraising this Saturday.

To get involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, follow this link.

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