Area Health Officials: How to Avoid Snake Bites

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Venomous snakes bite over 7,000 people each year.

In an effort to help bring awareness, United Regional is trying to educate the public.

Trauma Surgeon, Ann Rizzo says that shes already seen her first round of snake bites ,and with the onset of spring-like temperatures she anticipates even more.

She says since children are out of school for spring break, and may be spending more time outside, now is a good time to educate the community.

She says the first thing a person should do if they are bitten is to wash the bite with soap and water.

“Even if it’s a venomous snake, sometimes they give what is called dry bites, and you don’t actually get any venom,” Dr Ann Rizzo Trauma Surgeon at United Regional said.

She says it is still key to seek medical attention immediately.

Animal Service Administrator, Katrina Mitchell says her office has also seen an increase in snake incidents.

She encourages people to watch the animals movements. Until her staff arrives.

“A lot of times if people aren’t watching it, the snake will slither off and so were searching their back yard and never being able to find it we definitely want to be able to find it,” Katrina Mitchell Animal Service Administrator said.

She encourages people to remain extremely vigilant when near water. Which is where these snakes like to hide out.

Here are some more tips to keep you and your family safe:

1.) Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
2.) Look where you are walking.
3.) Monitor where your children are playing.
4.) Look inside sandboxes and playhouses.
5.) Keep grass and vegetation cut short.
6.) Trim grassy borders along sidewalks and flower gardens to no more than six inches wide and keep low limbs cut three feet off the ground.
7.) If you need to retrieve something from an area you can’t see such as behind shrubs or under a foundation, use a stick or shovel, not your hands.
8.) Steer your pet clear of long grasses, bushes and rocks.
9.) Remove debris piles branches, leaves, boards, logs) seal off spacing under a/c unit slabs, landscaping rocks, etc.
10.) Seal area around a/c lines, electrical and plumbing going into the building.
11.) Snakes can strike across a distance equal to about half their body length. If you see a snake, go the other direction.

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