WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — When given a task to complete, 20 minutes can seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.

But these artists from all around the country are pushed to the limit in the 2022 Art Battle US Championship.

“Definitely feed off the energy, but once the clock starts it’s tunnel vision. It’s really hard, you don’t really pay attention to any of the stuff around you. 20 minutes is the great equalizer when it comes to painting,” Sacramento artist Jason Henry said.

Stretching from coast to coast with painters from New York to California, like Henry, all-embracing the atmosphere Wichita Falls was able to create.

“Beautiful town, incredible space, the energy in here. I’m ready to paint,” Henry said.

Giving those artist a platform on center stage but also putting the city of Wichita Falls up there, too.

“This is just kinda one of those deals that will help put us on the map a little more, especially in the art world. I told somebody that we’re a little city with a big city mentality and so much art around the city, and I was in Dallas recently and didn’t see murals downtown like there is here. Nothing close,” city of Wichita Falls Public Information Officer Chris Horgen said.

Especially with local artist Jesse Baggett getting some love. Further helping separate the art scene in Texoma from the rest.

“They use a lot of lights, but there’s no art! It’s in museums it’s not outside. You walk around the city and I know what all the artists have, and you just see this place,” Horgen said.

With stops in Seattle, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, L.A., N.Y.C., Chicago, and Phoenix, all caped off right here in the Falls.

“This is a big event. It’s really spectacular the other events we’ve done have been much much smaller and I think we’re going to have 700 people in here. So that’s going to energize me and jazz me up to paint,” Henry said.

“It’s way, way cool to be Dallas, Seattle, Wichita Falls. Pretty cool,” Horgen said.

Those in attendance were able to bid on those works of art and also decide the winner!