WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — We continue seeing a rise in cases nationwide due to the Omicron variant and it’s the same thing we’re seeing here locally in Texoma.

So, as many deal with staff shortages after positive COVID-19 tests, those who protect and serve are also being impacted.

“I think we’re veterans at it now, I think everyone’s veterans at it now,” Wichita Falls Police Department Sergeant Charlie Eipper said.

Now, almost two full years later and a lot of places, from businesses to schools, are still dealing with a bunch of the same issues.

And the WFPD currently has its hands tied with staff shortages.

“We are having cases that are coming through as well, but what we’re finding is that it’s manageable, we’re able to keep our mission going, serving, protecting them,” Eipper said.

But with changes to quarantine requirements after a positive test, Sgt. Eipper says they’ve been able to juggle this wave of the Omicron variant.

“People are getting back to work faster because of the CDC’s recommendation of 5 days out, so the good thing is if we can get it where two of those days line up with the weekend when people are off anyway, that would be nice, but that doesn’t always work out,” Eipper said.

Even with it not going perfectly, Eipper added the WFPD recognizes this ongoing issue and no matter what is thrown at them, they have a mission to fulfill.

“We’re still taking precautions, we are still making sure we distance ourselves from each other, we’re getting sanitizer and masking up if we need to, all that, that protocol is still set,” Eipper said. “We want to try and protect ourselves and our people out there in the community.”

Continuing to expand the ways they can protect the community.