WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — This upcoming weekend marks the annual sales tax free weekend where all taxpayers are encouraged to support Texas businesses while also saving money on tax free purchases such as school supplies, clothes and backpacks.

These days, you can’t think of back to school without talking about technology. However, when it comes to the school supply sales tax holiday, most computers, software and portable tech gadgets don’t qualify for exemption from tax, with the exception of backpacks and some carrying cases for electronics.

So here are some tips for getting what you need, with the savings you’d like.

First, don’t buy brand new electronics! The big tech items such as laptops, tablets or even graphing calculators can have big savings if bought certified refurbished.

Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch also suggests looking into the renewed sections on sites such as Amazon, eBay or Best Buy, as some of those items have up to 60% savings, and checking deal-tracking tools and aggregators such as Coupon Cabin before checking your cart out.

“So right now they were offering 15% off, plus 3% cash back at Staples. You’re looking at 20% off and 4.5% cash back at Justice, 8.25% back at Nike, and so many more similar deals.” Woroch said.

Here in our area, the schools will supply most of what the students will need, according to some of our local school districts’ technology experts.

For example, with the Wichita Falls Independent School District, there are Chromebooks  available for all students while they are on campus, and everything functions out of their Chrome portal.

So when it comes to technology ahead of the sales tax holiday, if you’re looking to personalize with accessories, backpack cases or longer extension cords, then you’ll want to check out some of the tech stores here in town during the weekend because those items will be tax exempt.

As for pricier tech, consider looking for items that are certified refurbished.

For more information on what items are exempt for this weekend’s sales tax holiday, click on the link here.