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You have two more opportunities to catch a play at Backdoor Theatre in honor of a beloved theatre director and extended member of our KFDX family.

Lynn Marshall knew his father thought footlight frenzy was the funniest play he’d ever seen, and because of that, Lynn really wanted to direct it and bring it to Wichita Falls. So, those at Backdoor Theatre knew the show had to go on for Lynn and because of the huge impact he had on their lives. 

Lynn passed away suddenly in early January. His death came after he had decided to make his return to Backdoor Theatre after being gone for over a decade. The play Lynn wanted to direct on his return was Footlight Frenzy. But unfortunately, he passed seven months before the show even opened. That’s when his family members who were involved with Backdoor Theatre decided, in his honor, the show goes on.

“We discussed it and decided that it still had to happen and it needed to happen in his memory and in his honor and done as much to Lynn’s style of show as we could,” said Actor Abigail Clements.

Clements has known Lynn for many years and says if it wasn’t for him she would have never been an actor.

“When my dad passed away when I was 12. The first time we got out of the house was an invitation from Lynn to come to see Little Shop of Horror in 2001 that he had directed,” said Clements.

“Came with my mom and my sister and we fell in love. Lynn let us climb inside the plant and run around backstage and from that moment on we wanted to be apart of the theater and we got involved,” said Clements.

Kimberly Gordon has known Lynn since she was six years old says he was always there if you needed anything.

“He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. If anyone was in need in any way shape or form, like Abby said, he would be the first to take off his denim shirt and give it to him,” said Gordon.

It’s obvious Lynn is greatly missed.

“Every single day by so many people. I can’t tell you how many times a day I literally pick up my phone I’m like I wish I could text Lynn. I wish I could talk to him and know I am a far cry from being alone. So, many people he touched their lives,” said Gordon.

Those he impacted are so proud, even long after his last play, Lynn’s legacy will live on.

The play opened on July 13th and the last performance is on Saturday. For the pricing of the play, click here.

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