WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls family mourns the loss of a beloved family member gone too soon after the unexpected loss of Janessa Ramos, as loved ones gathered at a place that made a huge impact on her childhood.

“Especially around these parts around the Northside we grew up as a village, so we have different moms,” lifelong friend Lorenzo Sanchez said. “We have different dads and different brothers and sisters and to us, it’s one of our sisters we lost.”

So in honor of someone beloved by so many, there was a balloon release at Scotland Park to show just that.

“Like we’ve all been through some things and Janessa was like a walking testimony, like, if you were to meet her, people would instantly fall in love with her,” Janessa’s cousin Raymond Balcorta said.

“The love that was shown and having that walk again, it was just amazing,” Sanchez said.

A walk that Sanchez and Balcorta…

“Rolling down this hill man, playing football, playing at the playground over there,” Balcorta said.

“We had some people fall in this pond behind us when it’s frozen trying to walk across,” Sanchez said.

…made many times growing up with lifelong friend Janessa Ramos.

“Man we used to be out here, a big group of people, just kids from the neighborhood growing up…. not knowing that we were going to be lifelong friends,” Balcorta said. “Everywhere we went, we all went together and everybody knew us, ‘oh there’s Raymond and Lorenzo and Janessa,’ you know what I mean? We were just always together.”

Now, coming back to the same park where they spent days on end, has a different feeling after the unexpected loss of an unforgettable friend.

“I couldn’t wait for her wedding day because she was there for my wedding day and we also graduated with each other so it’s heartbreaking man, it’s really hurting, but it’s a part of life, so I just want to tell people to get better over this, not bitter,” Sanchez said.

As well as an unforgettable mother and family member.

“When it came to Janessa man, she was my family, she was my cousin, but she was more than that, she was like a sister to me, like we’ve been through a lot together and not only did she touch family and friends, but she touched the whole community man like, everybody’s hurt over this,” Balcort said.

That was evident as a crowd flowed down Ninth Street, the walk she made so many times and hundreds of balloons were released in the air, in honor of Janessa.

“Plenty of memories man, so you know, just I can’t say it enough, just beautiful, beautiful,” Sanchez said.

There is a GoFundMe set up for the Ramos family for funeral expenses, you can find that by clicking here.

The Ramos family would like to thank Tacos Y Tortas El Pelon, Vibe Wichita Falls TX, Club Sip, Mad Liquor, Dennys, Jefes, family Naverez Dj Whipp, The Finest Hair & Beauty, Jennifer Caskey at Southern Roots & Hair, Pueblo Boxing, The Cleaning Lady, and Kyles Quick Oil Change for the support.

Also, be on the lookout for future fundraisers for the family, as Sanchez said they are planning on hosting a benefit dinner in the near future, as well as other options. Stay with us for all updates!