Base Camp Lindsey campout set to raise funds for homeless veterans

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There is a troubling number of homeless veterans in town and folks with the North Texas Veteran Relief Fund continue to appeal to Texomans to donate to the Base Camp Lindsey project designed to get many of our vets off the streets.

Just Thursday, the mayor of Abilene announced that the city has no veteran homelessness making it the only city in the state of Texas to say this, and Chris De La Garza and other folks behind Base Camp Lindsey hope to soon say the same for Wichita Falls.

After serving 12 years in Iraq, Christina Perez found herself homeless for about three years in the forests of Denton.

“I sought out the woods because of my experience in the military just feeling unworthy shame, guilt, felt like I had no purpose in life,” Army Veteran Christina Perez said. 

It has been almost a year since Perez sought out help and is now in a home in Iowa Park, now Perez said one-way Texomans can show interest in our homeless men and women who have served this country.

“By being able to go out there and talk to them one on one you’ll be able to talk to them and hear their stories and see why they are out there and a lot of times it just has to do with PTSD,” Perez said. 

Another way Texomans can help is by donating toward the Base Camp Lindsey project created to take our homeless vets off the streets.

Chris De La Garza with the North Texas Veteran Relief Fund said everything is approved but to make this blueprint a reality, they need money.

“It’s gonna take between $1 to $1.5million to be able to have this project complete,” De La Garza said. 

That is why next Friday, Texomans are invited to sleep out at the empty lot that is promised to be a community of tiny homes for our vets, to help raise funds that will get the earth moving on this project.

“We want them to understand what it feels like and realize we as a community can do better for our veterans,” De La Garza said.

Perez said he hopes the community can come together, try to experience only just a little of what homeless Vets experience each day and give generously.

The camp out kicks off Friday, March 8, from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m March 9.

If you can’t make the event but would still like to support this project, follow this link.

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