WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Base Camp Lindsey is celebrating the official sale of the building in the 1900 block of 6th street, to the organization from the city, for just $5,000.

First, they will have to clean out the building that has been vacant for 12 years and they are going to need all the help they can get to stay on track and keep costs down.

“The first official act I’m going to do is to take care of this…it is no longer for sale. The ink dried Friday, the deed is ours,” Halloway said.

They are ready to get started with refurbishment, and it’s hoped with lots of help.

“We’re going to need professionals and we’re going to need the money but we are also going to need people that can just come out and sling a hammer and you know, do what they do best to help us out. We want this to be a community effort, not just us. We want our community to wrap their arms around these veterans and help make a difference in their lives,” board vicechair Chris De La Garza said.

She also plans to team up with already well established local organizations.

“We’re not going to duplicate services, if somebody is already, like Helen Farabee is already handling mental health and Red River is already handling mental health, we don’t need to come in and do mental health, we need to partner with them and let them do what they’re good at. And we’re just going to make sure that those veterans have access to where they need to go,” De La Garza said.

With all pieces starting to fall into place, board chairman Steve Halloway has high hopes doors will open this year.

“Hopefully before it gets cold again, we’d like to have our doors open. Because every day we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing, there are vets on the streets, they are in the cold, they’re getting rained on, and they’re dying laying on a piece of cardboard. That stops,” Halloway said.

“Where’s my shovel, where’s my broom? Let’s get started, it’s just been such a long process of just the planning and the fundraising and knowing what we could do but knowing that our veterans are still on the street,” De La Garza said.

When complete, Base Camp Lindsey will be able to house about 25 homeless veterans.

The first workday will be this Saturday at the new location and Halloway says they had over 30 volunteers at each of their first two meetings and they’re hoping for a great turn out on Saturday.